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Reviews of unSpun

"Brooks Jackson and Kathleen Hall Jamieson serve as guides to seekers of truth and accuracy. . . .  [They] explain the tactics of liars, describe the psychological traps that lots of people fall into and which lead them to believe the lies, and offer an approachable lecture about how to distinguish credible evidence from misleading random anecdotes."

American Way magazine, 15 April 2007


Advance Praise for unSpun

"If you—or anyone you know—wants to become a better, shrewder, and more intelligent journalist, citizen, or consumer, then you should immediately read Brooks Jackson's and Kathleen Hall Jamieson's superb unSpun. Jackson and Jamieson have written the definitive B.S. detector—an absolutely invaluable guidebook to truth for everyone who cares about being a better and wiser citizen, consumer, or journalist. Jackson and Jamieson have written the book 2008 campaign spin doctors most want to ban, and the book con-men of corporate profit and cheap politics don't want you to read. If you are fed up with the hype, lies, and fraud so epidemic in our campaigns and our daily commerce, then get unSpun!" 

 —Mark Shields, Political Analyst for The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer


"Read this book and you will not go unarmed into the political wars ahead of us. Jackson and Jamieson equip us to be our own truth squad, and that just might be the salvation of democracy."

 —Bill Moyers


"UnSpun is an essential guide to cutting through the political fog. Just in time for the 2008 campaign, Brooks Jackson and Kathleen Hall Jamieson have written a citizen's guide to avoiding the malarkey of partisan politics. Read this book and you’ll never listen to a White House briefing in quite the same way again." 

—Mara Liasson, NPR National Political Correspondent


"The Internet may be a wildly effective means of communication and an invaluable source of knowledge, but it has also become a new virtual haven for scammers—financial, political, even personal. Better than anything written before, unSpun shows us how to recognize these scams and protect ourselves from them." 

—Craig Newmark, Customer Service Rep and Founder of